Globalia Lawyers


GLOBALIA ABOGADOS is a law and consultancy firm with insight, training and experience that guarantee a top performance for planning, developing and executing all types of:

  • Legal
  • Economic
  • Tax
  • Business

Matters in order to provide an integral consulting service.


Our commitment is to provide services related to those areas, focusing on the customer service, a strict respect for ethics, legality, efficiency and quality in all processes involved in the delivery of the professional work requested.

Our team of lawyers and consultants offers a vast experience in resolving all types of conflicts and it develops a confidential relationship with the clients to solve their problems in the least traumatic and most convenient way, considering always their interest. We do this through specialised and personalised legal advice that includes the necessary legal assistance and involvement in all kinds of proceedings: ordinary trials, oral trials, admonitory trials, as well as in all their stages.

Why do we stand out

As a key advantage and due to the experience in the private sector of its members, GLOBALIA ABOGADOS offers a comprehensive consulting service to companies, covering not only legal matters, but also the preparation of sales and marketing plans, activity sector analysis, national and international market penetration plans, and any other commercial and business development need.

Globalia Lawyers


Lawyer Luisa Uliaque Botella

  • Luisa graduated with a degree in Law in 1989 by the Zaragoza Law School and completed a Marketing MA in Asesores Psychology Institute in 1994, as well as a Human Resources Management MA by IDE-CESEM in 2005.
  • A practising lawyer and a member of the Zaragoza Bar Association since1995, Luisa has served both companies and individuals in all four jurisdictional divisions – civil, criminal, administrative and labour law. The tasks performed included drafting contracts, expert opinions, inheritances, company incorporations, separations, divorces and processing, as well as assisting in courts.
  • Since 2005 Luisa has been responsible for the Business Advisory Service of the Aragon Women Institute, a body dependent on the Government of Aragon, where she advises all entrepreneurial women wishing to create companies, providing them with information on legal forms, processing and/or subsidies.
  •  Managing Partner of IgualaT, S.C, a Gender and Equality Consulting company, specialised in Equality Training and Equality Measures and Plan Implementation for Labour Organisations.

Economist Cristina Gonzalo Callejo

  • Cristina graduated in Business Studies by the University of Zaragoza in 1990. She completed post-graduate studies in Accounts Auditing in 1994 and is member of the Official Register of Accounts Auditors.
  • Cristina started her professional career in 1990 as an auditor for several companies in the sector, carrying out audits and supporting other accounts, tax and commercial advisory tasks, as well as helping to prepare annual accounts.
  • Since 2005 Cristina works as a free-lance accounts, tax and commercial advisor.

Lawyer Elena Carnicer Villarreal

  • Elena graduated with a degree in Law by the University of Zaragoza, she is a member of the Zaragoza Bar Association and completed a Banking Management and Administration MA.
  • Elena’s professional experience started in 1999 within the private industry, taking roles in the Purchasing Departments of some national and international companies (Serunión -Grupo Elior-, Urbina, Ruprablas), gaining a vast experience in business consulting and advising.
  • Since 2012 Elena has been an independent lawyer and, in a legal advisory capacity, she collaborated in drafting Hydrological Plans.

Consultor Lawyer Alfonso Force Navascues

  • Graduated in Lay by the University of Zaragoza in 2000, Alfonso completed an MA in Law Practice in the same university and he is currently a member of the Zaragoza Bar Association.
  • He has also received specialised training in Marketing Management and Business Management, and it is worth highlighting his Post Graduate studies in SMEEs Management and Administration at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.
  • Alfonso’s professional career started in the private sector, with responsibility for the management of commercial teams and strategic planning as Sales and Marketing Director for several SMEEs in the Telecom Industry.
  • Since 2012 he has been working as a lawyer in Zaragoza and as a business consultant for law and strategic marketing issues.