Hiring, dismissal and redundancy regimes, equality plans, conciliation acts, work accident claims.

For companies:

  • Advice regarding the most beneficial hiring regimes for the company.
  • Analysis of the company’s labour situation and draft a report.
  • Assessment of different contract types, compliance with requirements imposed by law and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Drafting labour contracts, including specific clauses according to the needs of the client company.
  • Assistance in disciplinary sanctions for employees and drafting communications.
  • Disciplinary and objective dismissals: assistance and processing.
  • Processing of redundancy processes (EREs).
  • Claims prior to labour litigation.
  • Processing appeals before the Social Security, work inspections, etc.
  • Representation in conciliatory acts and representation and defence in court.
  • Assistance with labour inspections: assistance, defence, response to requirements, liquidations and appeals.
  • Processing hiring subsidies and assistance.
  • Preparing diagnostics for implementation of equality measures in companies through equality plans.

For employees:

  • Claims to the company for geographical mobility, substantial modification of work contract conditions, disciplinary sanctions, holidays, professional classification.
  • Employee representation and defence in dismissal procedures.
  • Amount claims to the company.
  • Assistance to employees in cases of resignation and preparing the communication.
  • Advice and processing of indemnified termination of employment contracts at the will of the employee.
  • Drafting employee letters and communications to the company.
  • Work accident claims.
  • Processing benefits requests before the Social Security and the SEPE: retirement, permanent disability, maternity, unemployment benefits.
  • Claims and appeals related to benefit applications.
  • Applying for benefits to the Wage Guarantee Fund (FOGASA).
  • Claims for compensation.
  • Lawsuits to the company for harassment at work.
  • Drafting and processing claims before the work inspection.