Family – Civil

Family, Adoptions, Rents, Homeowners association, Consumers and users, Leases, Evictions, Separations and Divorces, Citizenship and Immigration, Inheritances and Wills, Infringement of Personal Intimacy, Personal Honour and Personal Image Rights, Mediation and Arbitration.
  • Family Law. We are specialists in processes related to separations, divorces, marriages and common-law relationships, division of matrimonial associations, drafting controlling agreements and solving any problem related to the individual, as well as the preparation of prenuptial agreements, family relations agreements and consulting for issues related to under-age children, disabilities and paternity and parenthood processes.
  • Lawsuits arising from rentals of urban and agricultural property.
  • Horizontal property processes, providing advice to home owners associations and communal owners during litigation proceedings between owners.
  • Drawing up, negotiation and processing for all types of civil contracts and business, as well as writing legal opinions and reports concerning all areas of Civil Law.
  • Inheritance Law. We provide advice regarding the current or future organisation of your heritage, particularly guiding the will preparation to best fit the assets or family situation. Judicial and extrajudicial divisions of estates or assets, as well as comprehensive processing of inheritance acceptance, including preparing the deeds, fulfilling tax duties and updating the Registry. Advice and involvement in inheritance and donations, division of heritage, drawing up the partition papers, payment of Inheritance and Donation Tax, payment of Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land. Processing all inheritance tax implications. Negotiation and arbitration amongst heirs and/or legatees in case of dispute.
  • Claims for payment and enforcement of private agreements and court rulings.