Corporate Consultancy Services

Assistance during the creation of companies, Due Diligence Legal, commercial contracts, Company Incorporation, national and EU aids and subsidies, national and international commercial contracts, Claims for non-payment, International Litigation and Arbitration, establishing the company abroad, Legal Translations, Equality Plans, Corporate Social Responsibility, Data Protection Act and New Technology Law, Employment Consulting, Marketing Consulting.


GLOBALIAABOGADOS offers a GLOBAL legal and business advice service in different areas:

  • Consulting for creating new companies specialised in ENTREPRENEURS and START UP.
  • Due Diligence Legal. Analysing the legal position of the company, identifying business opportunities and risks.
  • Drafting and negotiation of all types of national and international commercial contracts (Joint Venture, agency, commission agents, services, drafting and negotiation of goods purchasing contracts, international warranties…), advising the parties entering the contract, based on its legal nature, terms and conditions.
  • Incorporation of companies, amendments to the articles of incorporation, company restructuring, calling, attending and managing General Meetings, drawing up agreements for shareholders, expansion and reduction of share capital, legalising and keeping compulsory ledgers, expansion and reduction of capital, company transformations, calling board meetings. We get involved in bankruptcy proceedings, both from the side of the insolvent party and to defend the credits claimed. We can also act as Secretaries of the board of Directors in Trading Companies or as legal advisers, including in the service the consulting, drafting and processing of notary protocols for all types of company agreements. Company purchases.
  • Applying for national and EU aids and subsidies on behalf of the company.
  • Claims for payments and claims to other companies and/or clients, both nationally and internationally. (International Litigation and Arbitration).
  • Assistance for establishing the company abroad, including an analysis of the regulations in each country, completing commercial contracts with companies in each market assigned and business opportunity analysis, including a market and potential leads analysis.
  • Financial advice assessment of the clients’ wealth, consulting, planning and designing investment and desinvestment operations to increase yield and rating.
  • Legal translation of contracts, agreements, claims, and any other legal or financial document in any language such as Spanish, English, German, Russian, Portuguese, French and Italian.
  • Drawing up Equality Plans in diagnosis companies to implement equal opportunities principles regarding gender, specific training on equality and plan for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Effective application of the Data Protection Act and New Technology Law.
  • Corporate Compliance: Drawing up Crime Prevention Programmes for companies.
  • Employment Consulting Contract types, applying bargaining agreements, employment regimes, company defence, conciliations, company bargaining agreements negotiations, payroll.
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting. Strategic analysis and sales and marketing plan implementation at a national and international level for SMEEs and entrepreneurs, including management of product design and direct marketing activities. Drafting corporate communication plans. Deploying agencies and distribution networks. Drafting sales forecasts and costs plans for national and international markets. Completing market studies, prospecting and identifying potential clients nationally and internationally. Analysis and monitoring of national and international sales networks and the staff allocated to those activities. Definition and implementation of actions for the product and/or service portfolio positioning and identification of growth areas.