Administrative, Environmental and Mining

Environmental plans, administration advice, hydrological plans, contentious-administrative, expropriations, appeals against fines, Social Security, administrative proceedings, ordinary and extraordinary appeals, fines, council licences, urban planning, file processing, concession management, compulsory expropriation and urban planning files: compensation boards, licence concession, urban planning.


Our team of professionals specialises in requesting and processing mining rights authorisations and concessions, research permits, consulting in assessment procedures for environmental impact, consulting and processing of concessions related to hydroelectric uses and drafting hydrological plans.

  • Consulting for companies and individuals on any process involving the Administration, including administrative appeals and contentious administrative jurisdiction against local, Autonomous Community and State Administration entities. Consulting in all matters related to administrative proceedings, particularly sanction proceedings.
  • Involvement in contentious administrative proceedings before all jurisdictional authorities and bodies.
  • Appeals (ordinary, extraordinary, revision, etc.).
  • Sanctioning proceedings (fines, premise closures, licences, etc.).
  • Abbreviated proceedings (before the Contentious-Administrative Courts or Central Contentious-Administrative Courts).
  • Ordinary proceedings (before the Supreme Court of Justice or the Chamber for Contentious Administrative Proceedings of the National High Court).
  • Legal advice for individuals, companies and public bodies regarding administrative proceedings and contentious administrative proceedings.
  • Economic administrative claims before the TEAR.
  • Drafting reports and legal opinions. Technical and legal assistance to companies and business sector associations and business federations.
  • Processing of licences, aids and subsidies requested to public and private entities.
  • Consulting in matters regarding the Administration financial responsibility and processing of claims for damages caused by Administration works.
  • Applying and processing mining rights concessions and authorisations.
  • Research permits.
  • Assistance in Environmental Impact Assessment procedures.
  • Consulting and processing of concessions related to hydroelectric uses.
  • Urban planning.